If you are an entry level software developer with no work experience related to software engineering what are usually your salary requirements

I really like to know what were your initial salary requirements for your first software developer job

The answers to this question are going to depend on the skill set you can bring to the table and the location of the person, so the numbers may may not be comparable to your situation.


I’d recommend not caring about money and just get the experience any way you can. If you’re ever lucky enough to be given options, focus on the work you get to do and under what conditions you get to do it. Any kind of a minimum salary will get you by with no experience so I wouldn’t even bother factoring it into any kind of equation. Also, don’t bring it up at any interview you may be lucky enough to get.

If you love what you do, the money will eventually come.
It really depends what you know already, and what will be required of you to learn.

The above post (by RandellDawson) is absolutely true, but I’d add that there’s actually a minimum you shouldn’t go below either, which is $40K. No developer job anywhere in the US should be paying any less than that, unless it’s part-time or for something like a student internship.

Try looking up salaries on Glassdoor for companies in your area.

50-90k for Junior level depending on credentials and talent

I think it depends very much on the experience you have and it’s much more important how good is your background as a software developer. No matter what programming language are you using and what are you developing, but it is really important the knowledges you have and how good you are solving different kind of tasks. If you want to become a great software developer you need to know a lot of things and how they can interact. If you want to become a good soft developer, you will really need to attend this soft development course, as this will teach you how to become a great developer. This course was specially designed for people that want to start their development career, and it doesn’t matter what is your development experience. So if you want to start programming, now you know how you should start your path

it really depedends on multiple things. were you live, what language, front end, back end. what i mean by where u live is in some places making 60k a year would be good, but in the bay area California that would be barely enough

Just get the experience first. If you have already have experience then you must ask for what you deserve.

The companies already know how the candidate is worth to them. If they are undervaluing you then you can do something about it.