I'm deliberately trying to stall learning

Six months back I was like touching skies to get my first project, my first dev job. For that, I was eagerly learning html, css, javaScript and react. I was planning to get to node next. The only thing I didn’t do was to build my own projects. Tutorial after tutorials. Course after course. I did learn html, css, javaScript and react. I did get projects from Fiverr where I put my learning into action by building beautiful landing pages.
I got one or two javaScript projects and one react project from through my friend. My next goal was to learn redux so that I can build complex react apps. Also I decided that I will apply for internships.
But all of a sudden I lost all my motivation. It is now 2 months that I did not get any project. Every day I ask myself what should I do now? No job response, no work, no learning, nothing. My day goes playing chess, learning some new English words and reading a book. No coding at all.

Well you did get the a few gigs from those tutorials, so it’s not for naught.

Yes, but the question is how can I move forward.

I have no experience freelancing, but either do what you do now, or practice making apps, learning new library etc, or keep marketing your fiverr profile for more exposure like on twitter, facebook etc

Thanks, I will try my best to start practicing again.

The first thing you have to realize is this is not unusual, people stall and sabotage themselves often, even if it is something they love whole heatedly.

The second thing is there is no special trick or motivation to get you over it. The only way to get over hump is to get over the hump. Displined yourself and distance yourself from distraction and make yourself accomplish something everyday until you find momentum again.

This is exactly why self learning is hard. It is not because the subject is impossible or boring, but because self-discipline and accountability is hard. In school or a job, you are constrained by expectations of those situationto accomplish your task, when you are by yourself, you have to hold yourself accountable, and that’s hard.

Encouragement from people, excitement of learning new things, and accomplishing tasks helps, but you are the key to your success. Focus on the task at hand and focus on accomplishing them. Don’t be distracted bog down by idle worries and your inclinations to stall.


Thank you so much for your words.