Tips/Lessons for Motivation

Anyone have good materials they want to recommend for finding motivation or achieving discipline? I can’t be the only one who gets stuck in ruts.

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NO you are not! As a starter, look here…

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I find it really helpful to keep my FCC profile open so I can see how much I’ve done each day on the calendar and try to keep the streak going etc :slight_smile:


You can learn Anything.


Quit your job. That should motivate you to study every waking moment till you find a new job in this. LOL. Half kidding, of course.

Seriously though, create. I don’t know where you are in the course, but if you’ve finished the JS section and have done a few projects, then you’ve already accumulated some skills and what you don’t know, you can find easily. Now that you’ve built up some skills, do you have any ideas for apps or sites that you’d like to do? Maybe something that is totally different from everything else out there. Or maybe it’s just a better version of what is available now.

If you have an idea that you’d like to realize, start doing it. Don’t just do the course. Spend a few hours a week working on a personal project too. Something that will improve the world and make you feel good about your accomplishment. Doing that should get you motivated to learn more because you’ll really feel the drive to make your site work well and be beautiful. So you’ll want to do more of the course. And learning more in the course will make you want to go back to your project and improve it. An anti-vicious cycle.

Another thing is, think of it as a puzzle. I was talking to my friend about this the other day. I don’t understand why people spend hours a day doing crosswords and sudoku. It’s a pure waste of time. Instead, THIS is a puzzle! And not only is it a hell of a puzzle but you can make money at it. Get a job or build a popular website on your own. There’s money at the end of this rainbow. So think of it as a puzzle or game. People love puzzles and do them for free even though they are challenging and take effort. This is no different.


Instead of removing distractions from around you, remove yourself from distractions. Go to a library, coffee shop, park bench and set aside 1-2 hours and just smash out some units. Write down things you’ve learned as well. I feel like I commit concepts and ideas to memory better when I’ve written them.


I’ve not found much barrier in motivation to learn – in fact one of the ways I procrastinate the most is by reading documentation or tutorials. I read post-grad CS theory papers for “fun” now. Problem is, that’s how I’ve done things for decades (I’m in my 40’s) but I really want to break out of my endless cycles of “book learning” and apply my skills.

As for my job, already quit it a year ago, now I’m brushing up on my front-end dev skills in order to get back in to the job market. I suppose once I’ve paid off my mortgage, I’ll make my income making hemp bracelets or something like that (I already know how to make the beads) :peace_symbol:️ … but in the meantime, I have to get myself motivated enough – or perhaps disciplined enough – in order to get creating in the first place. Maybe I just haven’t gotten far enough out of my comfort zone to break out of my old patterns.

Welcome to Free Counseling Camp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Read motivational book like

  1. Elon Musk
  2. Rich dad; poor Dad!
  3. Who stole my cheese!
  4. The secrete letters of monk who sold his Ferrari!

Have you read and

Always remember to focus on the positive, the opportunities at hand and go after them