I'm having a problem with my paragraphs appearing

I am working on my technical documentation page. My paragraphs are not showing up under the header. Will someone look over my code and see what I’m missing. https://codepen.io/tvoogd/pen/eYmKjpO

The first three sections all have a paragraph, which shows up. Looking at the HTML, there are no paragraphs for any other sections. What are you expecting to see?

I am extremely new here and this may not be my place to respond BUT I do see that you have a paragraph under each header section and as @snowmonkey mentioned they show up just fine. Now im just going to assume you mean they don’t LOOK like paragraph and in the preview mode they are all on a single line. An easy way to validate the “LOOK” of this is just grab you browser window and shrink it and you will see that your paragraphs indeed ACT like paragraphs and if you had more content inside each of the paragraphs they would show up as such even in fullscreen mode. If I assumed wrong then ignore what i said and let me know if there is another problem you are noticing and maybe me or someone else can help accordingly! :smile:

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I didn’t see them under the preview at all on my laptop and I thought I messed up the formating. I can see them showing up on my mobile. Thank you so much.

No Problem! Glad that got sorted, happy coding!