I'm lost - Move on to Quality Assurance or practice Backend - Frontend?

I just finished the Backend Certification few days ago.

I’m hesitant about moving on to the next cert because the past few courses have been fairly short. I completed the Frontend, Data Viz and Backend certs in about 4 months, and I feel like I’ve only learnt the most basic stuffs from those libraries (React, D3 and Express, Mongoose). The final project of the Backend Cert is literally just “respond back the metadata of the file uploaded”. I didn’t expect to be job-ready by the end of the course but I thought I would’ve been forced to spend more time and felt more comfortable with these libraries like I did with HTML and CSS. (After learning HTML and CSS on freeCodeCamp I practiced with Frontend Mentor).

So I’m not sure if I should slow down and spend some time practice writing React / Node / Express / MongoDB or move on to Quality Assurance? Or maybe learn Angular, SQL or something like that? (saw a lot of those in the job postings where I live)

Quality Assurance has some more backend stuff, so you could add that, and then work in building some bigger project yourself putting together a more complex front-end and a more complex back-end

Some more in the Security cert, but only half of it, the other half is still Security but with Python

Thank you. Do you have any ideas for what kind of fullstack project to do? I’ve been going on Frontend Mentor but they seems to lack backend projects (obviously).

Hey there,

Based on my experience I don’t think it’s all that common for javascript devs to be fully backend engineers, especially for a first job. There are a lot of languages for server side scripting, and javascript is not necessarily the top choice (though it’s definitely not a bad choice either). If you’re already comfortable and enjoy working with html, css, and js, and node, I would continue honing those skills on FCC or other resources and start applying for jobs. Good luck!

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