I'm not happy with my Survey Form

I attempted the survey form, it passed.
It had the functionality and some styles, it looked alright.

However I wished I could of done better.
The radio buttons and checkboxes were the main issue here.
I just couldn’t for the life of me get them to be inline with each other and it’s own text.

And what’s worse, the fieldset’s were breaking out of the form!
Form had 80% width, field set could of had 0-100% based on that form correct?
But even at 80% the fields would break out.

Do I worry that I cant figure this out or just wait till I learn Flexbox and Grid?

Heres the result of it, i tried to make it similar to the example page and the previous Responsive Form lesson.

Radios not being aligned to the left side:

Checkboxs are off as radios and textarea is in a world of it’s own:

Codepen: https://codepen.io/DemonSlayer1123/pen/GRQmVOe

yes, codepen is perfect to share code like this, you can also use replit, jsfiddle, or others

Thank you! In that case here is the codepen, might want to rearange the result.
It truly isnt responsive XD
I should probably add max/min widths.

I would suggest you edit the first post and add it there too

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