I'm overwhelmed. Not sure where to start please help. Truly desperate

I’m turning 43 years old next year. In April.
Have a wife and 2 amazing kids. I just want the best for them.
My resume just consists of entry level work. Driving and mostly warehouse work.
Worked with companies that I thought were room for growth but I was mistaken. Truly dead end jobs.
I have tried going back to school. Back in 2010 tried going back to my local community college but due to my stupid mistake when I was 18 years old. When I was 18 years old I only attended a few weeks into my 3 months semester there. My 18 years old self cared more about partying, hanging out with friends. I highly regret that.
I attended the community college a few days in 2010 but financial aid told me the devastating news. I no longer qualified for federal student loans. I had to withdraw.
Before that I tried attending Stevens Henager College in 2005. Long story short a scam school. They are no longer in business. I never graduated from there. Just had a gut instinct that not a legit education.
Also attended ITT Tech in 2006 to 2007. Saw the lack of quality education there too and know how that played out.

I just want to turn my life around and do not know where to begin. Want and need to do this for my wife and kids.

I have ADHD and somewhat of an introvert. Just recently diagnosed 2 years ago. I’m passionate about programming and also Information Technology.

I can’t attend a campus in person. I really wish I could. Also money is tight at the moment. Believe me if I could go back in time to my 18 year old self I would slap him and tell him to take his education a lot more serious.
Would love to learn online as low cost as possible to get my dream job in the future.

I’m very emotional as I type this out. Want to get a house one day for my wife and kids. That’s one of my goals.

I will study hard to get a better life. I’ve researched for hours and it’s truly overwhelming online. I do not know where to begin.
Is going through the curriculum at FCC a good first step for me?

I know nothing about programming. Just know the name of the different programming languages out there.

I hope someone here can help me please. Thank you.


Hello @JCR1010 , welcome to the community!

FreeCodeCamp is a great place to start, in my opinion, if you are passionate and serious about learning. I would recommend doing the curriculum in order. Start with the responsive web design certificate and then move on to Javascript. By the time you get through Javascript, you will feel like you are making some progress toward your goal and you will be more educated about what type of programming you want to pursue. This forum is great, there are many talented programmers on here who will gladly help you figure out any issues you may have. Good luck and happy coding!


freeCodeCamp is a fantastic resource. It may or may not be the best first step. Some of the advantages of a traditional education is that it offers structure, timelines, and accountability. Many people struggle to create those things for themselves. Many people with ADHD find it extra difficult. A good first step comes before worrying about code. Identify your goals, obstacles, and resources. Do research and talk to your support systems to figure out what are reasonable expectations to place on yourself, so you don’t end up feeling ovewhelmed and defeated again.

And if freeCodeCamp is part of your plan, we’ll be here to help you figure out the technical stuff.


HI @JCR1010 !

Welcome to the forum!

It is good that you are passionate about programming and technology.
As was mentioned earlier, the advantage of traditional education is the structure and deadline.
Bootcamps also have structure and deadlines and will teach you the basics of web development.
Those are fast paced environments and usually cost $10k or more.
And you will have to research the good ones because there are unfortunately a lot of scams out there.
Quincy wrote a good guide on bootcamps that can read about

Lastly, there is the self taught route which is what I did.
I started learning with freeCodeCamp back in 2020, built projects, contributed to open source, networked with other developers and was able to land a job.
The self taught path can be very rewarding but it is also very difficult.

The self taught path requires you to stay disciplined and stay on track to learn what you need to get the skills to do the job.
I would suggest setting up accountability partners around you to make sure you are staying on track with your goals.
These accountability partners can be family, friends, etc.
They can ask “What did you work on today?” , or “What new project are you building?”, etc

There will be times where you will not want to code which will be normal.
But having people in your corner to push and say “Just code for 45 minutes and then take a break”, “Just take it one day at a time” will help you stay on track and reach your goals.

Hope that helps!


Welcome to fCC Forum @JCR1010 !

You are joining a great community within a constantly progressing programming organization.

freeCodeCamp. org is constantly updating and adding to its, already, expansive list of courses.
The resources available to help us learn are, in my opinion, unmatched with both the Learn and Forum websites, along with the freeCodeCamp You Tube Channel, Radio, Podcasts, News category that all provide ease of access and great opportunities for courses and guidance.
Course plans have been set to accommodate beginners, and to guide us through to our goals.

As you can see, there are great Staff, Leaders and other learners within the community always ready to offer guidance when we are stuck.

Do not judge yourself harshly for previous decisions in life. All roads take different paths. It is up to us if we choose to change the path (which you did and do), and build on the current and future.

freeCodeCamp has so many success stories from people of all ages, that I think it speaks for itself. But, it takes commitment and practice to get where we want to be.

Best wishes on your coding journey!



Some inputs from another guy who is 43 ( from India ), I have shifted my career from QA engineer ( 2 decades ) to developer few years back ( as later has better pay and respect as well )

Here are some tips, learnings from my side

  1. Learning alone is boring and super slow.

  2. I advice join some bootcamp and start learning together with other like minded people.

  3. Are you from USA ? Then things can be much easier to get into IT at any age.

  4. Most important thing I learnt is; more projects you build, more confidence you will get each day, week, month.

  5. Have quarterly learning, career goals and break them down into bi-weekly once. Make sure you stick to them.

  1. Start meditation every day, it’s the best medicine IMHO. Checkout YT “calm 31 days challenge”
  • Trust me “meditation” is the most boring and most difficult task in the world. But once you’re get used to it, you will see the benefits.

  • Read “Atomic Habits” book

  • Join some local community efforts / NGO; who are doing good for others and you will see the difference.

Being a family person myself and learning new thing is surely going to be very hard task. But trust me you can do it .

All the very best and don’t hesitate to ask any further queries.

God bless you.


Start with FreeCodeCamp (FCC) to learn programming online at your own pace. It’s cost-effective and offers a supportive community. Small, consistent steps can lead to significant progress. Best of luck on your journey towards a better future for you and your family.


Hello my friend. It doesn’t matter what has hapoend or will happen in your life because it has/will hapoen no matter what. What truly matters is how you deal with it moving forward. I want to say use your desire, your goal to buy a house for your family as fuel to invest into learning and putting into use what you learned in coding/ programming. You could use an accountability partner, and an action plan. If you would like you, and I could be accountability partners/ friends. If you are interested feel free to pm me. If you are not able to pm me. Who knows perhaps we could collaborate on a project together, ect. This offer stands for anyone else whom is reading this reply. Just remember this is a journey and it won’t happen over night. Enjoy the process. You have taken a great first step by starting with FCC projects, and being a part of this wonderful community. –Keep coding.


Wow! Thank you all for the positive comments! I have read everyone’s replies. Sorry for the delayed response everyone. I have been busy looking for a full time job. Since my wife and I share one car and both my kids do not have schools on Fridays I have to be kind of picky with finding the right job that fits my schedule. Unfortunately slim jobs available that are available overnight. I’m having a hard time deciding between doing gig work apps such as DoorDash, Spark, etc. to bring money in or doing a graveyard shift warehouse or production job. Also looking into a security job too.

I prefer doing DoorDash plus other gig work apps or the security job to bring money to support my family. Because the warehouse and production jobs take a physical toll on the body.
Just was wondering if anyone else has been in my situation? If so, what did you do for a better life?

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Thank you I will start trying to do meditation. I have heard it helps. Thank you for the book recommendation too. When I have the funds I will buy the book.

Yes I am in the USA. i live in the state of Utah. It will have to be an online bootcamp if I picked that. I’m actually leaning more towards FCC because my finances are tight at the moment. Online Bootcamps are a bit expensive. My finances will improve in the future.

Thank you for the good tips as well.


USA is land of opportunities, do google “philanthropist” in your city / state who can help you similar to https://www.wearebgc.org/, it’s better to join motivated group rather than learning alone.

As you’ve mentioned that you’ve kids, why don’t you take tuitions / tutoring for them as well their classmates, I know some teachers in India who do online tutoring for USA based students and earn handsomely.

You can teach them basic maths, science, history etc

Being a family person in 40+, I can understand your battles and difficulties you may be undergoing.

The most important thing; I can suggest is to maintain good mental health during these difficult times of life. That’s why I suggested join local NGO / Church etc to make sure you take care of your mental health as it affects you and family as well.

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