In the JavaScript section, it does not let me run the tests

In the steps within “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures,” when I complete a step’s worth of code, I try to press the button “Run the Tests” as well as using the “Ctrl + Enter” shortcut to check if my code is correct, but it does not respond at all. The only way it allows me to do so is by reloading the page. I believe the issue could be caused by not being able to interact with the button in any way after typing in the area where the code is needed, as the issue only arrives after typing so many characters into the section. I cannot guarantee that the issue only persists in this section, but several classmates have reported the same issue with freeCodeCamp, with one unique case not allowing them to submit their code at all. If there is any solution to this, please let me know. Thank you!

Hi There

Try saving the code using Ctrl +S (windows shortcut) and reload it allowed me to submit.

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