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Hi there,

I have just finished up with a project I was enlisted to complete. I had to create the full website from scratch and decided on using PHP to deliver template parts while using vanilla JS, HTML and CSS for everything else.

The site uses no frameworks and everything has been coded by myself from scratch. It is mobile friendly and cross browser compatible.

One question I would like to ask is how much would you expect to receive in payment for a project like this? As I am just starting out professionally pricing is something I am yet to encroach on.

Also, if anyone on here notices something which could be improved Iā€™d really appreciate your input!

Prince of India, Burlington

Hi there,

At least for me:

  1. the font size is to small and it makes hard to read some text on the page
  2. since the font size is too small, links in the footer and top-stick bar are difficult to click
  3. to make text more convenient to read you can look for another font (with more space between letters, or you can increase it manually)
  4. I love the way you styled the contact us form

Thank you for the feedback, when you say the font do you mean just in the places you specifically mentioned? They seem to all be placed where I used my txt-15rem class so I can easily change that site-wide if you think that the size is just too small in general.

And thanks again about the contact form :blush:

Yep. And one more thing you can improve is the transparency of top-bar when it stick to the top of the viewport.

The text is difficult to read.

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Thank you so much for all your feedback! I have followed your advice and made the changes. I agree with the text size comment and have changed the size throughout the site.

Currently am just in bug fixing/tweaking mode.