My first project outside code camp, critique me! (html / css only)

I finally used my coding skills for the first time to create a portfolio page for someone, please let know what you think about the design! I also designed this to be mobile responsive, but it does not have admin panel or anything fancy, because I haven’t learned JavaScript yet. Let me know what you would change or try out for my next project!


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When I am shrinking the page, it looks like the footer doesn’t attach to the bottom of the page. This happens for me on the home page and the work page.

I have to say, when I go into the project and I can click next and previous project. I’m a huge fan of that.

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Hey @danmcto, definitely good job on the design, but quite a few problems with the markup and responsiveness:

  1. meta and link tag should be inside <head> tag
  2. Font size must not be relative to viewport width

These two are most obvious, the rest you can check here:

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It is very nice and incredible. I would say maybe adding some simple transition to the :hover on the navbar links or maybe doing something.

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It looks very nice.

You are setting the font size using vw units which is keeping me from increasing the font size. The only way I can increase it is to widen my browser window and I can only do that so much. Please change your font size to em units instead.

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No wonder everything felt so static for me. Nice job pointing it out.

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Neat page matching the artist’s style. I’m an artist myself too. Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face: !

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Sorry its been so long since i’ve responded to everyones comments. Been super busy moving to another country for the past few weeks. I have went through the page and rewritten the viewport widths to em’s and played around with @media querys to make it mobile responsive. It’s my first time using those so I’m hoping it still looks good to everyone! I appreciate the feedback and will be occasionally doing some cleanup on the site. =)

Appreciate it! It took quite a while for my first project to meet the artists (my gf’s) expectations haha.

Thank you for the suggestion, but the artist requested I do not use a transition element to make it stand out a bit more or respond faster. I appreciate the feedback though!

I will definitely give this website a try, it looks like I have a few things to clean up. The viewport width adjustment killed me a bit, but it does work better on different mobile devices now, thank you!

I actually offered to do this for the artist, but the told me they liked it better floating with the rest of the page. I may speak to them about changing the footer for mobile specifically, since it can look a bit messy in the middle of the screen. Thank you for your suggestion!