Personal Portfolio - Project Feedback!

Today is a great day.

I started in the coding world since October 2018 and finally, I completed the last project for the Responsive Web Desing Certification and got my first job offer as Junior Web Developer for a Startup.

It’s very simple and I think it has a clean design. Please let me know your feedback and possible improvements :grin:

Link here: Personal Portfolio - Abel Colmenares Napolitano

My inspiration came from:


Congratulation to your job offer!

Your portfolio is looking good, on desktop and on smartphone-size.
The only thing: at sizes of about 600/700 pixels the headline “Web Developer” is breaking and is placed on the left side (Chrome). Maybe it would look better if it is centered.

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Your navbar links fall out of the navbar at mobile sizes:

I don’t think the link for your portfolio item for eCommerce CMS is going to the right place.

Congrads on the offer!

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Wow, man! your portfolio is amazing!
A little too black and white, your page should have a different color order instead of black, white, black, white…
At all else, great job.

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Thanks @s-projects18 I will check media queries right now. Should be some king of error there.

Thanks @saclark12000

Will work on media queries for mobile devices because have some errors.
I have fixed the eCommerce Link Project, last one was wrong! I have link a PNG of the site ( because now is out of business.

Congratulations on the job!

Your portfolio looks great, very clean looking :+1:

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Thanks, @ConnerOw1115 for the feedback! Will think about another palette of colors :muscle: