I'd Like to Hear Your Thoughts on My Portfolio Project

Hi everyone!

I have finished the Responsive Web Design part of the curriculum and I’d like to hear your comments on my final personal portfolio project. I’m pretty happy with the final result but it’s always useful to get other people’s perspective and hopefully your comments could help me improve the page :slight_smile:

Here’s the link: https://codepen.io/kristina-v/full/ZEzRGLz

Thanks! :smiley:


Wow! Your projects is great! I love how you style it with the layout, color, and animation, everything just seems to be fine. Just keep up the good work, you are in the right track!

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Thanks, @adiglase! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Just thought that I’ll point out that on higher res screens, the contact info at the bottom gets blocked out by your projects - see screenshot


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I’m in love with the colors, great work! One of the hardest things of becoming a devolper is having a good taste for design, and you already have it :slight_smile:

ps: take care about what wigman said


A comic style portfolio,nice.

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Woah!!! Keep the flag flying. I fell in love with your page that I lost my tooth.

I will get there someday.

It takes how long to finish those challenges?


Thanks, @wingMan! I’ll get right on fixing it, thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile:

Thank you, @passive, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: It took me bit longer for this one (mostly because of the ‘Projects’ section), maybe around 4-5 hours, I’m not exactly sure.

Alright, you’ve got a beautiful design.

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perfect use of colors . and a simple representation

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oh, wow!!!
I am pretty impressed! Great designs and layout. Incredible :grinning:

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Well, I just feel like I had a lovely scroll down through the aisle of beautiful cakes. In other word, your portfolio definitely is pure sweet! :candy:

You have got a strong branding identity there, the typography, color, and composition all work perfectly in harmony.

You have also done a fantastic job on the animation and responsive design (having checked it on both laptop and mobile phone screen)

With continuous progress like this, you have a very good potential to be not just a web developer, but also a web designer and I wish you all the best in your journey to be one :slight_smile:

Keep it up! :+1:


Those are amazing. You will have NO problem finding work. Keep us posted girl.

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I don’t want to spam by replying to everyone individually, but I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to check out my project and give me feedback, I really appreciate the fact that you liked my work but I’m also super grateful for the mistakes that some of you have pointed out to me (which hopefully I’ve managed to fix?). Keep being the awesome community that you are! :smiley:

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This is awesome!!! Great job. I’m loving the style of the pages and the fact that it’s responsive makes it even better. I want to be like you when i grow up. :grin:

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Thanks @merc923, I appreciate it! :smile: I still have a lot to learn, but I’m sure happy for such great feedback on my progress so far. And, hey, if I can do it coming from a linguistic background, I guess anyone can, so good luck on your journey! :blush:

When I grow up, I wanna be like Kristina_v!

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Waoh, your comments inspires a lot.

Keep it up.

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I’m so amazed by your works! Love all of your projects :purple_heart:

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