Final Project(Personal Portfolio)

Hello again, everyone. I finally completed my 5th project on responsive web-design series Personal portfolio and with it the responsive web design series course.

This project ended up taking long amount of time as well but those slide-in transitions are worth it.

Just like last time, i would love to get your feedback on this project as well, if you have any.

here’s the link: (


It is really good
Great job with the styling
You can maybe try adding another colour into the scheme :smiley:

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Good job!
There is one issue I want to share with you. If you make the shadow on the text " Hello, I am Parth An aspiring Web developer" less, it will look more readable for users.
Good luck with your future web projects. :v:

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Looks great. I like the hovers you have got there, smooth and nice 3d effects. Thanks for sharing

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