Need Feedback on my final responsive web design project - Portfolio

Hello everyone, I have just finished the final project of responsive web design course i.e the Portfolio. I have tried my best to make things look good. Please share your thoughts on it and also suggest me how can it be improved.
Thank You

Here’s the link to the project


Hey Joy,

Overall it looks really nice! I like it.

There are couple small things that I think you can reconsider:

  1. Icons in the skills section are of different colors. Unless you want to emphasize some of them, you should bring them to the same color.
  2. The project section - I am not sure about putting your projects as screens in monitors. Right now it looks like a monitor display to me. It doesn’t display the projects’ design but the device.
  3. Contact sections seems not aligned. Add space between columns and align icons with the header maybe?
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That was a very clean execution, nice job!
But I think I found a bug, when you open editor view in codepen, you will see My Skills title is overlapping the image, and maybe you should really make a desc about yourself, that was cool.

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@ahmad-shiddiq first of all thanks a lot for checking out :innocent: actually Im a bit confused about what is happening with the my skills section, I ran the project locally and it was fine, I ran the project on codepen and found the skills section kind of overlapping the welcome section. When I tried to inspect via the dev tools it was perfect.

Hey @iamjoydey. Very good project once again! Very clean and super design.

  • It would be good to close the menu when I click outside it instead of clicking on the close menu itself.
  • I think it’s obvious to have a “Visit All Projects” button as you only have this much projects. Also, when I click on that button, it takes me to the tribute page instead of your CodePen profile!

High quality work! Thumbs up!

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Hi @iamjoydey!

Nice portfolio did you make! Congratulations! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

The only observation that I have is:

  1. I think you use a lot of grid layout in your projects. Most of the parts in your code, in my opinion, could be formatted using flex layout, which is easier to use and better to make changes.
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wow, its really nice!

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