Information Security Certification beginner friendly?

I was looking into different certification program that freecodecamp has and I came across the Information Security Certification. I was wondering if its beginner friendly; as in, do I need to know coding (currently learning python). I glanced through the curriculum a little and I get the impression that I’ll need to know some coding?

I was wondering if anyone has finished it and thinks it is a beginner friendly course. Maybe they can add pre-requisites to the curriculum to give people and idea as to what they can expect.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day everyone.

No, it’s not beginner friendly, each certification builds on the previous ones
The Curriculum is best considered as a linear sequence of topics, where each certificate is a milestone - the certificates are not independent from each other

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Ah, thank you. As i was re-reading listed certification that was the impression I was getting, your reply made it a little bit more clearer. Thanks for the help.


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