Why is the information security course different from other courses

Hey Guys. I’ve been taking the responsive web design course for a while and I love how detailed and explanatory it is . I tried to start the Information Security with helmetJs course , and it’s so different. There are no tutorials or lessons; just straight to projects. I’m so confused. How do I learn this ?

I think you are missing some key infos, the certs expect you to have completed all the previous certifications.

You jumped over a lot of the basics, like JavaScript, and then the introduction to backend, which needs a different environment and can’t just be simulated in the browser like it was being done with the first few certs.

The freeCodeCamp curriculum isn’t a set of independent courses that are intended to be done alone. It is a single course of study with multiple sections. The later sections are all written under the assumption that you’ve already done the basic material beforehand.

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