Inquiring about my lessons , @kevinSmith

i just finished my test on freecodecamp site and was expecting to start a new course, is the test the last program to learn in freecodecamp?
can someone get certification here?

Once you finish all of the challenges, you will then move onto the 5 certification projects.

Here are the 5 projects

Tribute page
Survey form
Product landing page
Technical document page
Portfolio page

Yes, you can get certificates.
After each course you need to complete the 5 required certification projects.
Once you pass the tests for the 5 certification projects and submit them to freeCodeCamp, you will be able to claim your certificate.

Hope that helps!

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yes your explanation is clear and correct thank you.
but i got stocked on the third project and need a help please

If you need help with the projects create a thread and ask for help.

Preferably with the code on something like Codepen (or some other live editor site) and make sure the test script is on the page.

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