Please how can i learn from freecodecamp projects

Please how can i learn from freecodecamp projects

you can find the curriculum at

what i mean is that does freecodecamp give projects after learning ?

you need to complete a few projects to gain each certification
also, the challenges are presented in a certain order but you can do them in any order you want

in future there will also be building projects for learning stuff, hand-held all the way, where right now there are disjointed challenges

can you please send me the link to some of the projects,because i am getting a different thing entirely

Is this one of the projects links:…?

If you go to the link that @ilenia gave you (, you will see that there are several sections dedicated to projects. Depending on what type of project you want to do, you can choose to build any of them.

ok i have seen that but one is not being put through on how one can solve the projects.

I’m not sure what part you need help with. Can you elaborate?