Web site to build project

Hello i m searching for a web site that give you project to build it to improved my skills

Hey, there’s a lot of projects in the curriculum sections. If you’ve finished all the certificates, theres still a lot more in the Coding interview prep - take home projects sections.

i m new on this web site i don t know how to use it a stile have problem

can you help me after learning a programing language what is the next step i m confusion

learn.freecodecamp.org is the curriculum for learning web development.

thank you so much after learn basics what is the next step ?

Follow the freeCodeCamp curriculum from start to finish and you’ll have a good idea about what it takes to build anything.

Don’t worry about the next step; take the first step.

ok , thanks but i have a other problem if i have already basic of some programing language have i to start from the beginning again ?

No, just read through the curriculum headings until you find the next thing you want to learn.

No one can really tell you what the next step is, because we don’t know what steps you’ve already taken.

But the freeCodeCamp curriculum provides a thorough roadmap of the skills needed. Have a look through that and if you don’t recognise something, learn that next.

thank you so much for your help thank you

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