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I would really appreciate if anyone could assist me in my inquiry.Is it okay to say that fcc mainly focusses on 6 languages, which are HTML, CSS,Js, Python,Bash and SQL such that on completion of Its entire course, someone will be good at this languages ofcourse considering their hardwork and understanding, to a level that they will admit they’re perfect in those languages and ready to try learning some other languages?Am still in the first projects and I like their teaching method but it pains knowing that they don’t teach some other languages

I would never say I’m perfect in any language

like I meant gaining the required knowledge in that particular language

Required in what context? There is always more you can learn as a programmer that will help you be a better programmer.

Thank you for your response

HI @leslie !

The goal of freeCodeCamp is to give you a good starting foundation in common languages used in development and programming basics. After completing courses you wil have the skills to continue your learning and build more complex projects and grow your knowledge from there.

My advice would be to focus on learning the core programming concepts behind these langauge. When you do that, then you will be able to learn other lanagauges on your own.

Question answered,thank you

I’ve been looking around and I cannot seem to find what class I should start with, and is there some kind of order that we should be taking these in?

HI @JasonLooseArrow !

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The courses were designed for people to work from the top down

You will start with the responsive web design course here. Then work your way down

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Awesome, thank you for the help!

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