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I cant install and require helmet

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First of all, welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

Now, to be able to help you, you must provide some kind of information that enables us to understand what happens. You can provide the code or the error shown when trying to require the package (helmet).

Nevertheless, in glitch, click on the package.json file and then, on the top left of the editor will be a button that says Add package, click it. Now, on the search for a package input, type helmet and then click on the result.

Now you should be able to require it:

// server.js
const helmet = require('helmet');

// Rest of the code goes here.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:.

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I thank you for the reception.

I followed the instructions but it still giving this message (“helmet” dependency should be in package.json)

In that case you will need to share your code.

On glitch:

  1. Click on the Share button.
  2. Click on the Code button.
  3. Copy the link and paste it here. The link starts like this:!/project-name, where project-name is the current project name.

Another option is that you copy/paste the package.json and server.js contents here.

It’d be helpful to see the code, but the issue might be the URL you take from Glitch. Be sure to paste the URL describing the live app, not the project page.

:x: Project page:

:white_check_mark: Live App:

It seems the testing suite expects a link to the working application.


i think so. I recently came across the same issue. The link to paste into the live app should be the live application’s url. Not the code url.

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