Intermediate/Advanced CSS tutorial/book

TL;DR Can you please recommend some practical HTML/CSS tutorials that don’t just explain what selectors are and how to create a basic form but rather go in depth about CSS techniques. It would be even better if the author guided you through creating an untrivial layout.
I have made a serious mistake when I decided to concentrate primarily on Javascript and pay much less attention to my HTML/CSS skills.
I do understand most of the things usually considered intermediate but I have very little practice. I have tried the following:

  1. Shay Howe’s tutorials. Yes, they are great but the website that he is building is too simple
  2. Interactive tutorials don’t work very well for me - I can easily do them too fast but that’s not enough for me.
    I’d like to understand CSS profoundly to be able to create any kind of layout and styling that I want. Of course, practice makes perfect and all those sorts of things. I try to use my CSS skills and build layouts but the more I try to do that the more I actually understand that my knowledge and understanding of CSS lacks structure and organization.
    There’re plenty of resources that tell you a lot of things about what relative and absolute positioning are. What I am looking for is a resource where you’re taught how to apply these basics in practice, modern CSS layout techniques, best and worst practices and so on.

I would personally learn about positioning, then dive into Flexbox because it’s pretty complex, yet powerful.

Flexbox article.

Wow, thank you. The comprehensiveness of your answers is astonishing.
You are right, it’s time for me to stop looking for guidance and rely more on documentation.
I have passed both Howe’s tutorials and I can’t say that I didn’t like them. It’s just that I don’t have the feeling that I can build anything more complicated than those project on my own.
And lately, I’ve been disappointed by the fact that my chances to find a front-end job without expertise in HTML/CSS are almost slim to none. That’s why I decided that it’s about time I paid more attention to these two:)
Thank you for your answer!

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