Interview Question , Why you want to work for us?

Every company is different with different tech stack. I am applying for junior developer jobs and done some phone interviews and almost all interviewers asked me this question , “why you want to work for us?” .

How to answer this question and how to relate this question to the hiring business?

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What about the job is going to make it a good experience? Is the tech stack something you’re excited about? Is the application of the software something that you are interested in? Do the people you’d be working with seem like a great fit? Do the company’s values match your own?

If you don’t know an answer to the question, then you should probably work on asking more questions during the interview. This is one of the common interview questions that isn’t bullshit.

Thank you @ArielLeslie , do I need to talk about my skills in this question ? I thought employers are looking how my skills fit into the job specs.

That falls more in the “Why should we want to hire you?” than “Why do you want to work for us?” A good interview should go both ways and a significant factor in whether they move forward is whether it seems like you would be a “good fit” and do well there on a personal level. They want to know that you actually want to work there and whether it’s for reasons that will make you a happy and productive developer.

That is a very common question. Companies want to know that you did your homework on them as well, they like to be special and know that your interest aligns with theirs.

there are a million ways to answer this, but they all involve basically relating something about you to something about the company.

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Building on what psychometry said, do your research. I don’t have a dev job, but I have nailed many interviews and gotten jobs after being asked this question. Read every tab on their website. Check out their linked in. If they have a blog read a few articles. Make sure this is in fact a place you want to work, and then ask yourself why you want to work there. Is it their culture? Their values? Think about what actually appeals to you about the place, and answer honestly.

After that, be sure to follow up with why you will be a good fit with with the company based on those aspects.

Lastly, if you think you can’t answer that question honestly to a recruiter, then maybe the place isn’t a good fit, and that’s ok. You can keep looking. After all, you’re gonna want to work at a place where you enjoy being.