Intimidated by the personal portfolio project

I just got to the project for creating a personal portfolio. I watched the video in the project page and looked at the sample page. I’m seeing a lot of stuff that hasn’t even been whispered about in the tasks leading up to this. Looking at the source confirms it and leaves me even more intimidated.

I know about the “Read-Search-Ask” method but, holy smokes. I don’t even know where to start with all of this stuff.

Did anyone else feel this way? What did you do to get through this project?

I would suggest if you don’t want to spend a monumental time working on something you barely understand, don’t focus on the video. Focus on the user stories (the actual requirements for the project). Once you have “read-searched-and-asked” for a while you can go back and make it look better, but the portfolio is one of the easier projects because you don’t need a lot of functionality.

This is a common reaction. Lots of moral support and advice in threads like this:

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What I did

  1. Make a simple plan/design (I copied the design of the example a little)
  2. Start creating the website top to bottom.
  3. When you reach something you don’t know how to do, research and find out how to do it, or simplify into something you do know how to do.

The personal portfolio project does not have to be beautiful and filled with complexity, its a learning experience. Mine looks like absolute crap and I did not even finish it but I learned a lot while doing it.

A lot of good advise in that thread. Thanks for sharing.

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