IPhone5 Bypass Pin Lock

I have an IPhone5 cell phone and i cannot permanantly bypass the beginning 4 digit pin lock…I do not have the apps/software or knowledge how to do it…bypass it…and have & use it as a cool functional IPhone 5

Short answer: you can’t.

If it’s your phone, you’ll have to take it to an Apple store for them to factory reset it. The locking on an iPhone is ridiculously strong: the FBI had to threaten Apple once to get them to unlock a phone. They acquiesced once, then they changed the locking so that not even Apple can unlock it without erasing it.

For something as old as an iPhone 5 you might be able to get the dongle they use to reset it, it’s this little doodad that plugs into the lightning port. I got mine some years back. Took three months to ship, and all the labels on the package were in Chinese. You might have some difficulty getting one shipped now, China’s industries being … yeah.

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