Is CodePen needed?

Is CodePen needed?
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Hello, I’d like to know if the codepen is the only repository that FCC accepts to create the projects, because I can’t pay for it, so I’d like to use other sites so I can create more than one file per project.


You can use anything you like :wink:. Codepen is great for fot tiny little code sketches, but it is painful once you need anything more.


NICE! They accept github too? So I can keep tracking what I do and edit on personal IDEs


Yup, no problem with that at all, and much better from your perspective :blush:


Seven of the best Code Playgrounds


I am 100% sure codepen is free. Don’t use for it commercial use .There should be a free signup option.


@residentevilunleash is right. Codepen is completely free. They can charge you for the premium features (like styling interface etc.), but it’s absolutely not necessary.


@residentevilunleash, @guar47 he wants something that supports a multiple files, and for that, beyond one project, Codepen is not free. It’s specific functionality you cannot get on the free tier, please read the op.


Not sure I understand you. All project from FCC you can do in the free account.


That’s not what he’s asking for, please read the OP. He wants the ability to use multiple files. You can have a single codepen project on the free tier, that’s it, and only projects support multiple files on codepen.


Got it now. Didn’t understand the topic about projects, not the pens. Sorry about that


You can use Moziila Thimble. I like it.