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Good afternoon all. I just submitted my first-ever project. Do I need to sign up for a premium CodePen account or is it ok to delete the Tribute project so I can start on the next one? Thank you and look forward to learning and chatting with everyone.


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There’s no limited number of codepen.
You don’t have to delete anything.
As far as I know.

Sounds good. I know the pens were unlimited but projects it said only one without signing up. Can you submit a pen to FreeCodeCamp?

I dont understand what are you asking.
You`r not singin were?
Its free you can singin to both.
Singin and save your work.

Sure, you can submit a pen, you don’t have to create a project on codepen for completing an fCC project. Just a slight ambiguity with the name “project” here. If you click on the example projects from the challenge description, they’re just regular pens.

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Thank you. I appreciate it and will get started on the next FCC project.

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