Is coding really for me?

I’m on the first task of creating the Responsive web design project, and man am I demotivated! :confused:

I really thought I was learning , but now I’m stuck. I had a cup of green tea, and cup of coffee in less than 2 hours. Just reached for my cup to take another sip and I’m confused as to why the cup is empty. I’m stressed! :joy:

I’m really just here to let off some steam, not sure if this is the place for it. I hope I can get some words of motivation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @pretty.eyezz88. Don’t feel that coding is not for you. If you give up, trust me, that’s gonna be a huge loss.
What is that you don’t understand? Don’t know how to start the project? Don’t understand what to do?

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I think I can do this, because I have been enjoying it so far. So thanks for that little boost.

I think I have a little understanding of what I’m supposed to be creating. I started with writing the basic HTML and trying to style it as I go along but I have written a few lines of codes and there’s almost nothing on my webpage.

Where I got flustered was trying to embed an image on the page. I downloaded a photo from the web, saved it to my drive and tried to link the photo but I’m only seeing a thumbnail. :angry: :laughing: I don’t get it.

Out of all the 9 criteria to complete the project, I think I only have 1.

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If you can’t create a webpage, sketch your website in a paper and then use it as a reference when coding. When embedding images, you can copy the image address of the image you want by right clicking on the image and selecting “Copy image address”, then put it inside the img tag’s src attribute.

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Ok, thank you. I will try this and see how it goes. Hopefully, next time we talk I’ll send you a link to my webpage. :slightly_smiling_face:

So it sounds like you started with the basic HTML, which is good, but are struggling with a specific part, IE adding a picture to the page.

I suggest either going back to the previous challenge(s) to review how its done, or look-up help on external resources such as MDN, or get help for that specific problem.

Getting stuck is to be expected, but how you handle it and get out of it is one of the key skills to coding/web development. Luckily getting answers/help is just a web search away ;D

Good luck, keep building, keep going, keep getting stuck, and keep getting un-stuck :smiley:

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You are right about that Brad. did some searches and figured out how to add images to the webpage as well as adding an image to the background of the page. I’m really excited about this. :grinning:

Slowly but surely, I’m getting there, an overcoming an obstacle motivates me even more. Thank you for your response.


Practice bro,practice!
You should try more with your own hands, not just listening somebody :slight_smile:
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