Is create-react-app still okay to use?

I’m planning on building a few React apps to add to my portfolio, but I heard something from someone on LinkedIn about the create-react-app tool depreciating or no longer being reliable to use. If this is the case, what should I use to create a React app instead? I heard Next.js is pretty popular, but isn’t it just an extension of React?

Don’t use CRA, even the new official React docs do not suggest it any longer.

I would use Vite or Next.js

Next.js is an actual framework, or meta-framework as they are also called. You get a bunch of stuff out of the box, like routing and different rendering strategies (SSG, SSR, ISR) access to plug-ins, and so on. If you just need a SPA app you can still use Next but Vite might be easier to get going with, in that case.

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@lasjorg Thanks for the tip. I wanna start off by creating a chat app. I guess I’ll go with Next.js since it’s become popular.

I heard the same thing about create react app and plan to learn Next.js and Vite. Here some resources that might be helpful

FreeCodeCamp Released a Video on Vite and Next.js

New and I think ongoing Next.js from Dave Gray

Vite from TraversyMedia

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