Questions about REACT-App vs. NEXT.js

First… does Free Code Camp have a course on Next.js?

Also… I understand you can do SSR on React, but it takes a bit more code and learning things like Webapack… while Next.js comes with some pre-features that allows you to more easily do SSR among other features.


Are there any associated costs on using Next.js vs. React?

Right now I have a React App hosted for free in Heroku, and using free connection to a MongoDB database.

Besides if there is, or not, a cost association on hosting, what other considerations do I have to keep in mind if I want to migrate or re-do my website into Next.js?

There are no cost for useing Next.js. It is an open source framework created from Vercel and you can also host it for free on Vercel´s hosting platform (for test production). When you like to use the pro hosting on Vercel I guess it is around 20$/month.

In my oppinion there is no reason why someone should use React.js instead of Next.js for a full website. When there is the need to create just a single component for another non react website, then we actually should use React.js instead of Next.js. Otherwise I would always prefer Next.js, it is great for SEO and there are a lot of features build on top.

Thank you much for your information…

Would you know what is the difference of hosting it in Vercel vs. Heroku?

I don’t mind paying $20 a month if needs to be… but would like to know what are the differences? On Heroku so far is free hosting, which is cool, but a few dollars won’t break the deal…

Does it cost more money doing a SSR hosting?

Do you deploy Next.js using GIT ? Similar to Heroku?

And yes, I would still need to be connected to MongoDB…

Vercel is the company behind Next.js so every new features will be directly implemented into the hosting service as well, which means fewer bugs and a simplified process for hosting Next.js applications on Vercel.

The experience with Vercel is streight forward and the plattform makes it possible to host Next.js apps within a few minutes and you can deploy useing GIT. However I dont have experience with Heroku so far and I don´t know about SSR hosting on Vercel. I just hosted on a hobby profil until now, but I can tell you more soon.

How about the hosting process on Heroku?

For me Heroku looks really messy and packed with a ton of confusing features and plans, so I really apprechiate the clear interface and the streight forward hosting on Vercel. Anyway I will use Heroku soon to host my first Node.js project.

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