How to host a React.js / Next.js website on "traditional" hosting providers?

Hi Friends,

can someone let me know what I need to be aware of when I try to host a React.js / Next.js website at “traditional” hosting providers?

Btw with “traditional” I mean hosting providers who are not specialized in hosting React.js / Next.js apps. For example Hosteuerope, Hetzinger, Strato etc.

This should be possible because at the end it is only HTML, CSS and JS. However I am not sure what are the limitation and what I need to consider in order to dont run into any issues.

Usually I use Vercel to host my projects, however Vercel does not support domains with the ending “.de” for Germany. Therefore I need to find an alternative.

Can anyone recommend a hosting provider for TLDs with the ending “.de”?

Thanks for answers!

I assume you are talking about the domains you can purchase through Vercel. Because I’m pretty sure you can hook up any domain you’d like to.

A Next.js app is not a static site unless you specifically set it to build as such (output: 'export').

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First of all, I don’t think a “traditional” hosting is what you need here, maybe you just need to try a different static site hosting provider and ask their customer support chat if they support the .de domain, my favourite is Netlify, I recommend it so much people think I’m sponsored or something.

But if they don’t support it there’s also:

  • AWS (S3 with Cloudfront, or Amplify)
  • Github Pages / Gitlab Pages
  • Vercel (the one you use)
  • Surge SH

But the way you’d host let’s say React in bluehost, hostgator or whatever service you pay for, is by running the command to build the static site, then upload (or sync) the files with your favourite FTP client on the right directory (this depends, but the majority of these services use Apache so it’s usually a folder called public_html).

You see how this is already starting to become inconvenient? It’d be easier with a VPS on DigitalOcean or Linode that costs like 5 dollars a month, all you’d need to do is use github hooks so that on every git push you do form your local computer, a command to rebuild your site gets automatically executed; you also would need to set up the web server (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, etc).

This is why I don’t think it’s a good idea, you just need to either contant your static site hostping provider’s customer service or try new ones until you find the one.

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Thanks a lot for your answers!

This is the message I get when I try to add a .“de” TLD to Vercel:

However I figured out that there is a way to host “.de” domains on Vercel, but only through a third party registrar. The “.de” domain I would like to use is still registered at my old hosting provider, so I guess I can use it by changing the DNS records.

All I did so far is to change the value for the DNS type “A” at my old hosting provider, as you can see here:

I am not sure if I need to change the nameservers as well, but I guess this should be optional or would you recommend it?

Furthermore I dont understand that why I dont need to provide an AuthCode to be able to use the domain registered on a third party, since I should be able to verify that I actually own the domain. Is this verfication already done by changing the DNS record only with the value provided by Vercel?

Now I need to wait, because it might take some time for the DNS records to apply.

Hopefully everything works…

EDIT: Do I need to change more DNS records like MX, TXT, SRV etc?
(All of these records are still pointing to my old hosting provider. )

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