Is Figma Worth it?

I’m getting done with Responsive Web Design and as I’m looking into building more and more projects on my own I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on learning to use Figma. Is it worth it, and would you recommend it? Is it a valuable skill?
I suppose I should mention that as I progress further down this learning path, I realize more and more that it’s Web Design I like the most, so any advice as to what other Web Design tools I should master is much appreciated. Expert opinions are preferred. And the tools should be free to use if possible.
Many thanks in advance!
Nicolas, 17

Hey @nickrg!

Figma is a very popular tool used for creating UI designs and prototypes. It is pretty beginner friendly and provides an easy to navigate user interface so its easier to get started with than other design tools out there like photoshop, adobe XD and Canva.

if you’re thinking about going further into web development, sooner or later you’re gonna have to learn how to use it just because of how widely it is used in the industry. It may be a personal bias as well but I would recommend you to start with Figma first and then move to other design tools if necessary,

freeCodeCamp’s youtube channel has great courses on the topic. you can start with this one for the fundamentals.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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I was a web designer before I changed into IT for a very long time and I’m not looking back.

Figma is the current standard tool. Learning Figma is worth every minute. Add image and photo editing with Gimp or Adobe products to your skill set, you will need them for custom icons and graphics.

Make design an additional skill to coding. Design has always been a risky career path: Too many applicants for a limited job pool, first to go in times of crisis, now serious competition from Asia, Eastern Europe and South America for designers in Western Europe and North America.

Keep this in mind when you are going this route.


Yes, Mr. @DanielHuebschmann , I think the same way. I love design, and will no doubt specialize on that, but I plan on mastering the principles of real programming as well. I will start with JS and then move on to other langs like Python. I love programming as well, just like the layout, cool graphic/animation side of it all too. So thx for the advice!
Thank you very much for telling me about Gimp and Adobe - I have thought about those but was kind of intimidated by their huge selection of options and services, but knowing I need to specialize in icons and graphics helps a bunch. Many thx!
And, of course, it’s great news Figma is a good tool to master. I’m looking forward to beginning!

Also thank you, @staranbeer for letting me know that Figma is not a waste of time. Oh, and for the video too. I thought I ought to start with Figma too since it doesn’t seem terribly complex to use.
You guys are great, as always, and encouraging!

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