When to learn Figma/Adobe XD?

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I was trying to devise a plan to learn web development. The front-end part of web development uses a variety of tools-Figma/Adobe-XD being very popular. I wanted to know when should I start learning these? Should it be right at the beginning or should it be after I’ve learnt CSS/bootstrap?

Tools like Figma and Adobe XD are for web design, where someone, that generally doesn’t know how to code, draw how the page should look like, and then that design is passed to someone that does code, and is transformed in a web page.

Is that something you want to do? I imagine it has its benefits knowing it, above all if you will end working in a small team where everyone wears many hats.

You can learn the tools whenever you want, they are useful for planning even if you are not a designer.

But if you don’t have the necessary knowledge to build what you have planned out, and your goal is to build it yourself, it might not make much sense to spend time learning the tools just yet.

I still think they can provide some benefits. Learning the tools first and then learning to code would be more like a designer switching over to development.

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Thank you for the guidance.

I agree with the above,

If your goal is to be a web developer I’d skip these technologies entirely until you get a solid grasp of implementing the UI directly via HTML/CSS/JS.

As such, I’d put these last on the list, to the point they are more “nice to haves”.

Ultimately if you have a lot of experience with front-end technologies you wont need designs most of the time. These design tools will help you hash out different ideas quickly, but as a developer your job is generally to take an idea and implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible. So focusing on that aspect might be the best use of your time.

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