Designing software?

I didnt know where to post this.

What windows softwares are used in companies by web designers to design websites? I know MacOS has a very good software fot this but I dont remember the name of it and I dont have MacOS. I have been using Figma but I dont want to keep using it

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Adobe CS apps (Illustrator/Photoshop/XD) for Windows normally.

Specifically for UI, InVision Studio is quite heavily used by agencies. is supposed to be quite good.

I assume Sketch is the Mac app you were thinking about. It’s very similar to Figma (as is Adobe XD).

You won’t get much that is better than Figma without parting with quite a lot of cash, mind

Some alternatives:

Personally my favourite is pen and paper.

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Adobe hands down.

ie illustrator for vectors, photoshop for making pages (as well as scaling down image sizes) 60% quality is usually perfect.

And InVision for presentation.

What’s wrong with Figma? It’s free, modern, can be used with any computer, has collaboration tools and is an excellent tool for web design and ui design.


Illustrator and Photoshop are not ideal for web design or ui design or mobile design. These are used primarily in the industry for graphic design, print design or image manipulation.

You are absolutely wrong. I’m a full-time web developer & all of our sites have always used a web designer to build all our sites in Photoshop.

Plus photoshop allows you to modify images to a lower quality thus making them faster to download.

Let the programmers program and the designers design. You will save countless hours of reprogramming pages.

This is the flow:

Customer makes request to have website made.
Designers & Senior Programmers collaborate with the customer how the articheture of site will flow.
Wire frames are made.
Designer creates pages for desktop / mobile / tablet for entire site in Photoshop.
Entire site is presented to customer before any programming is started.
Site is then modified in Photoshop based on customer’s wants.
Site is built exactly to Photoshop image. To the pixel as close as possible. (ie. using PerfectPixel)
Site is then presented to customer.
We then allow bugs fixes for a month after final release. Which ends the contract.

Sold hundreds of site like this for 10k to 75k.

This is how my last job worked. I now work for a different company as a programmer that focuses in telecommunications where we still used a designer build photoshop images.

Hell,. even on Fiverr you can pay designers to create PSDs for a programmer to make your site. It’s a huge market and very common. It’s usually a bad idea to make such a strong statement when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

How about googling “primary uses for adobe photoshop”.

Sorry, but I’m not wrong.

Actually, I’m an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop; in addition to being a full-time developer/designer with 9 years of professional experience and 12 years of experience with Photoshop.

Anyway, Photoshop is image manipulation software. That’s its main purpose. Just because you can do web design in Photoshop, doesn’t mean that it’s the best or recommended tool for the job in 2019. Maybe in 2012, but not in 2019.

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But did you google it?

You said it’s not ideal., when it’s ranks one of the top used tools for web design. I never argued its main purpose.

So explain to me why it’s better than Sketch or Figma then? What web design features does it offer over professional web/ui design tools like Sketch and Figma?

I never stated Photoshop is superior or inferior; but, I know for a fact it’s still ideal to use.

As a programmer it is easy for myself & other senior developers, to navigate through a PSD which a designer has made in Photoshop which has dominated the web design market for so long than relearning every new design tool out there.

I think VIM is better than EMACS,. but I’m not going to post a message on boards saying that EMACS is not ideal as a code editor.

I still <3 you Sodevious. So don’t take what I say as personal.