Which is better? photoshop or css design?

Hello Campers
please, I have a question. which is better? to design the website first using photoshop then convert it to html / css?

or to design it using html / css without using photoshop?
and many thanks in advance.

being able to create a page from a drawing, which is the as copying existing websites’s layout without looking at their source code, is an useful skill.
it doesn’t mean that you have to create the design yourself.

being able to design the page is an other set of skills altogether.

imho, getting the desired result without doing a mock up before is pretty difficult, I mean, you can get a functional website without doing any planning beforehand, but it may not look how you wanted.
also, a mock-up doesn’t have to be a detailed design, it can just be done on a napkin with a pencil so you can see the general layout you want to get.

a mock-up before starting to code a page is not a bad idea, it is less work to redraw a line than to change the layout with css

I know I have not answered your question but they are two different things.


thanks so much for your reply. it was helpful. so when a client wants me to create website for him, what expected for me to do?
I have heard that photoshop is no more needed in the process and designers are coding websites directly using css.
if so, then they will make effort coding the whole website then the client may not like their design. how designers who do not design on photoshop would show the client the idea and colors and design in details before starting to code and make effort which they might loose if the client did not like the design?

and many thanks in advance

that’s up to the single individual. freelancers usually have to do all the work, designing and coding.

with a salaried job in a front-end position it is more likely that the developer is given the design to implement, if the company is big enough at least

if you are doing freelancing you could have a few templates, bought or created by you, between which the client can choose and then say what changes would be needed to tailor it to their needs

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thanks so much for your detailed reply. I really do appreciate.
but in the case of freelancing, when the freelancer has few templates and the clients would choose from them with some changes. why clients accept the same website design since everyone wants to be unique from others?

and many thanks in advance.

look around at various websites, are they all that different from each other? aren’t there some recurring themes?

a website is unique for its content, not for its layout
users have been trained to have log in button, search bar, nav bar, main content, shop cart content etc in the same places

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yes, I am totally agree. thanks for your helpful replies

I know all the questions of this thread were answered already, but I would like to agree with all that have been said once again. It is really important if you work as a freelancer to know both photoshop and css design. The clients are different and peaky, many of them being aware of the job we do. The realize that our work is quite complicated, though it doesn’t stop them from asking us to make a magical website which will bring them a lot of money. I remember when I started to work in this industry I was editing around 50 photos per day. I still hate to whiten teeth in Photoshop (check here how to do it fast https://shutterreleaseworld.com/how-to-whiten-teeth-in-photoshop-quickly/). Thanks God I am not doing it anymore, but still have to face peaky and pretentious clients.