Is Front End important for Back End?

I’m currently taking the Freecodecamp Front End courses, however, I don’t wanna go deep in this field, my end goal is to land a back-end developing job as I prefer it over Front End.
My question is: Is it necessary for backend developers to learn frontend?

It’s good to know some frontend so you know the big picture. What is offered in FCC is just the basics. I would at least want to get through the first couple certs.

Also keep in mind that (at least in my opinion) it is harder to get hired on as a backend developer as your first job, especially if you don’t have a degree. It is a lot harder to show competence on backend and backend developers can do a lot of damage.

My advice would be to study it all, get whatever job you can get (which is going to be hard enough), and then after a few years experience you can be a little more picky.

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