Is it cheating to watch coding tutorials?

Just wondering if I’m cheating if I’m watching a tutorial like this one?

I’m not sure if I’m learning any less getting information this way.

Not at all! That’s how we learn. Just don’t create the exact same application that the tutorial creates (using their code) and turn it in as your own work.


I agree with Jeffrey, here, in the real world, there is no cheating in learning,(on boundaries by the way)

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To me, the different levels here are:

  1. Try to solve it yourself.
  2. If you run into trouble, google it.
  3. If that doesn’t work, search the forum (I’ll bet you money you aren’t the first camper to have that problem).
  4. If you can’t find the question, ask the forum. Just ask a very specific question, and show us what you’ve done.

To me, that is a fairly good strategy. Obviously, the higher up on that list, the better you’re learning

  1. Check youtube - you’ll find people coding specific challenges and stepping through their solutions. Don’t code along, just watch. Then try their solution.
  2. Peak at others’ completed projects. Just peak to steer you in the right direction. Don’t actually copy their code, just get an idea.
  3. Code along with the youtube example, making the changes you need.

Those are a little more iffy, but not exactly beyond the pale. They are a good backup strategy if you run into trouble.

  1. Directly copying someone else’s project code and using it as a framework for yours.
  2. Completely copying someone else’s project and making minimal changes so you can hide its origin and claim it as your own work.

These clearly are “cheating” territory.

I’ve used a lot of coding tutorials. I usually try to avoid them and try to solve it myself first. I work down the list. I think it’s important to struggle a little. If your first response is “This is hard, I’ll watch someone else do it and do that” then I think you’re cheating yourself. At least try to solve it. Try and google the concepts and assemble them. But if you reach a point where you’re lost, then by all means look at some videos. Just make sure that you truly understand what is happening you’ll understand.