Is it good to use bootstrap and jquer instead of real css and java script if your at school..?

I am still a student but few months i am going to graduate my degree, so i’m afraid if i use the boostrap and jquer i may not be competent to compete for the job because i wont be able to remember the exact code in javascript and css.

I wouldnt say its good…Id say its okay to… but its important to actually understand the underlying technology its powered off of. That goes for any library you use. For one, if anything goes wrong, you’ll understand it enough to be able to resolve it, and for two…not every company is going to use bootstrap or jquery. If you learn css…you can pick up and use any css framework. If you learn JS, you’ll be able to pick up and work with any js library.

To be able to compete, you need to be able to demonstrate you are capable of quickly picking up whatever tech stack the company uses. So…youre not going to be interviewed on jquery or bootstrap…they dont actually care what you use because youre going to be interviewed by your underlying knowledge of the fundamentals.

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In my opinion bootstrap and jquery became history in front end technology.

You have to learn.
1.Utility Framework work - Tailwindcss instead Bootstrap
2.Vanila Javascript instead jquery
3. Angular
5. Vue