Is Bootstrap a good option for me?

Hello friends!
The great part of my projects in Web Development, I often use Bootstrap. After completing and reviewing my learning in JavaScript, I’m getting familiar with bootstrap and Jquery. It’s a great shortcut for me, in order to create something cool without many lines of CSS or JavaScript. So Are these two libraries useful in order to get a role as a freelancer or do I need to master all CSS and JavaScript concepts?

it might not be enough unfortunately. Especially not without any javascript.

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There was recently a similar conversation about Bootstrap + jQuery vs understanding core languages here: jQuery - Change the CSS of an Element Using jQuery

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Unless you are told to use a specific technology, as a freelancer I would think you pretty much can use whatever you like as long as you fulfill the requirements. There are still plenty of Bootstrap/jQuery/PHP sites out there. The vast majority of sites are not made by 10x developers using all the latest and fancy tools. You can do a lot with simple tools as long as the requirements are simple.

However, relying on Bootstrap and jQuery will ultimately limit your options. I would make sure you learn the underlying technology (CSS/JS) so you can break out of the limitations the tools might impose, or more easily move to new tools.

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