Is it possible to finish my back-end certificate locally?

Gooday Campers :fire: is there a way to set up my workplace in my desktop PC? instead of using cloud9?
I’m at the beginning of (back-end development certification > Node.js and Express.js> manage packages with npm). and cloud 9 is kinda slow when I’m typing and running a command. and also i want to learn how to set up it locally. its gonna be good if someone explain to me. what things do i need in simplified step by step. thanks in advance!

additional question.
what is node.js? (is this an alternative for php?)


You can totally get node.js working on your local machine rather than on cloud 9, but cloud 9 is pretty cool and simple to get yourself up and running.

This website covers most of the things you need to know to get up and running >

@theador0691 Isn’t the page you linked a bit too advanced for a first-timer? Cygwin emulation layer, multithread, event-based server execution… I may be wrong, but I think if as a beginner I saw that I would think “what the heck is this” :smiley:

@makopa You can simply download the installer from, which includes NPM, and follow the challenges on your computer.

thanks theador for the link!

hi atomk! thank you also for the link and info!