Is it possible to get an entry level remote position?

Web development opportunities are very limited in my country and I would gladly accept any opportunity to work remotely. Heck, I would even relocate without thinking twice.
If you currently work remotely, what advice would you give to someone like me.

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I have looked, and they are few and far between. I currently have been working remote in my current job for three years, and love it.

I think this is purely for the fact that a junior is recommended to be in the office working with the team where they can improve and if they get stuck can be helped. I can fully understand the reasoning behind it.

I applied for one once, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

I Have the same question! and the second problem is relocating. We can’t relocate in our country unless we have a sponsored visa, so if any help or advises about working remotely would be much appreciated!

I have been working as a remote developer from more than a year, we all know the benefits of a remote work and almost all of them are true.

But I think that if is your first job, get into an office with a team. Maybe in your country the opportunities are not that good but when we are starting, is better to work in the same place with others developer with more experience so we can learn faster, the team will teach you some important stuff and they will tell you where you need to improve, this doesn’t happen in the same way as working as remote developer. Remember that coding is the easy part of a project, so not everything is coding and with a team you will learn those things (be organized, tackle errors and problems, etc).

If you want “big payments” and that’s why you look to other places then you have to wait, it’s better to earn less and learn more that the opposite in your position, because that will help you in future jobs or personal projects.

I’m from Venezuela and believe me, there doesn’t exist good opportunities for developers. I worked my first year earning less than $50 per month in that country, but it worth the time because I learnt more than I expected and it was easier for me at the moment of getting a new one in other countries.

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It sounds like you’re looking for a remote full-time position which, as the others in the thread have said, may be hard to come by. I’d recommend looking for contract work within your skillset instead. I believe it feels risky for employers to bring on permanent unproven developers to work remotely, but the nature of the contractor relationship is that it is more ephemeral. It would probably feel less risky for companies to bring you on this way.

If you prove yourself working remotely as a contractor, one of your contracts might find a full-time position for you if that’s where you want to end up.

Good luck!

I was wondering if you had any tips for finding contract work. I have just finished the front-end track so was looking into some smaller projects while I continue learning. Upwork seems to reject all applications for this skill-level and I think the opportunities outside of small, cheap wordpress sites are few and far between.

To the OP, probably only with a “fully distributed” company. There’s just too much perceived risk.

@GeeLie There’s just a huge supply of applicants for basic webdev on Upwork, so unless you’re one of the first few applicants or stand out in some way, you probably won’t even be considered.

Thank you for your reply. Any ideas on how to get contract work like this?

They’re hard to find, but they are out there. I’d stay away from Upwork and the like. I had some luck on the forhire subreddit when I got started. I quickly learned, though, that the best way to find work was in-person. I started hanging out at a local startup incubator, but that’s more effective once you’re comfortable with full-stack development. You might look into small business networking events. You could even try cold-calling local businesses that just have a Facebook page or something like that. Niche down once you find an audience you like to serve.

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Great info, thanks, will have a think around it.

@clevadani, yes it is. I made remote work a priority for me.

Please read my post.