Is it possible to work abroad without a degree?

I worked abroad once back when I was still going to school and I definitely loved the experience and would love to do it again, but this time as a developer, doing something I truly enjoying doing.

However I don’t have a degree, and I don’t feel like going back to school and waste time and money on classes that I am not interested at all, especially when I can use the time to learn what I need from my house at my own pace.

So is it possible for a developer to work abroad without a degree?

Work abroad where? At least in the US a degree is definitely NOT needed.

Some countries are pretty open to IT professionals and allow for an easier time for residency. If you can atleast prove you have a work history being an IT professional, then you should be good.

Prefirably Europe, in the USA is not easy to get visa sponsorship, especially w/o a degree.

I think it is possible to land a job abroad without a degree if you can really showcase your talents and dedication to developing.
At least I hope so because I too would like to work abroad :confused: