Working overseas

I was just browsing some job boards for overseas jobs and most require a bachelor’s in computer science which I don’t have(I have an unrelated bachelor’s) I have been working on freecodecamp with hopes of landing a job here in the USA. However, I may move abroad eventually and would like to apply for jobs in those countries. Do you guys think I should get a Bs in comp science to be job ready when I do decide to work abroad?

There is probably now advanced field of work where there are more opportunities for people without relevant degrees than web dev. But also, many other advanced countries have a stricter attitude towards degrees than the US does. There still will be jobs in web dev you can get without a degree, but I would guess less of a percentage. And this will be especially true if you are trying to get visa sponsorship - the country itself might have big requirements and even if not, it’s a lot of work and expense for the company. Some countries have expedited visas for in demand jobs, like web dev, but often there are requirements - either a degree or a lot of proven experience or both.

But the jobs do exist - I’ve had a few interviews.

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