Getting a job abroad without CS degree

Hey guys
I am a full stack developer certified from FCC I have a job but what I want is to get a job abroad. I don’t have any CS degree and don’t have much experience but I really want to plan carefully before I do something. You can say that I am on developer job for about 6 months and when I get 2 years of experience I want to get a job abroad.
I prefer working in Canada, New Zealand, or any European country but don’t have any idea even whether that would be success or not. currently I am NOT in a visa exempt country. I don’t know how to achieve this goal. I don’t know much about these hiring process of these countries that whether they consider experience, degree, skills, nationality or else? so, any suggestion would be appreciated thanks.

consider that for non english-speaking countries, english is common, but not that much, so if you speak the local language on some level you would have an advantage on other candidates from abroad that do not know the local language, consider that for most european countries and the french-speaking part of Canada. Most of those languages are available on Duolingo, to start with a free tool.

Also, if you don’t have a degree, you need experience in the field, and maybe a reference - so if you have the chance, try networking internationally, with international conferences, open source projects based in one of the countries you are interested in, online communities (an online community for a specific country will be more helpful also in how to approach that country specifically), conferences in one of those countries (more relevant when borders open up again), etc

Also, I think you could need a job-visa and to be sponsored before being able to move, but that’s country dependant - so country specific community here will be more helpful.

It will be much easier for all the stuff above if you focus on 2-3 specific countries (note that Europe doesn’t count as a single one, there are a dozen or more different languages, different laws in each country…)

Thanks @ilenia for replying… that was a help the first priority is Canada then New Zealand and you caught my mistake :smile: I like all the European countries.

Yeah Doulingo is my favorite too. I tried to learning french from it before but left due to many reasons… and french was too hard as well.
learning new language is hard and especially when you have a lot of work to do…
going abroad at the first shot is too hard for me because of my nationality and some other reasons but with visa sponsorship job that would be easy.

you have learned to code - isn’t that hard?

Well learning to code is not hard as compared to learning a new foreign language. If you guessed English is my third language still I am not good at it

English is my second language

but as you learn coding you can learn a new language

Some countries, such as the Netherlands don’t require CS degree or similar university degree for a work permit and visa. At the same time, it is necessary to have good practical experience, various certificates and other evidence of professional experience. Here is a great source on getting a job abroad for devs: All-in-One IT Job Relocation Guide | Learning Center

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