Is it really possible?

is it really possible to become a self learned programmer and land a job?
how long do you reckon it would take for a beginner to get a job in this field?

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Is real.

The first time I landed this page I saw the three former alumnis telling their story. I was skeptical but went ahead anyway.

I come from a customer service background. I was in a point in my life where I realized I am not young anymore, and I don’t want to work in those customer services jobs forever. Basically, my hate for those jobs was the fuel I needed to commit to learn how to code.

Without counting that one time I abandoned because I found it too hard, it has taken me a year and a half to find a job. Within that period of time, there was 6 months where was dedicated to learn full time (cause of lockdown), and then part time learning + part time working.

People in this community are amazing and there is always someone willing to help you if you are stuck. You will learn so much from them.


Yes, it is possible. It is not guaranteed. It is not easy. It is not fast.

The amount of time that it takes for a person to gain the skills necessary to be a professional and then to find a job varies dramatically by individual and by circumstance.

Possible? Yes. Easy? No.

How long? That depends on too many factors - your aptitude, how hard you work, how well you interview, how well you network, the job market where you live, your culture’s attitude towards “needing a degree” … and luck. Probably 1-3 years. A very few get lucky before a year, but that’s very rare.

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How did you start ? How you practiced ? For example if you study array then how built that logic to solve more complex problems based on array for instance? We beginners need some help with that . I struggle a lot with that .

I started with a tutorial in Udemy (Angela’s Web Development Bootcamp). In there, basically you see and copy. Is a good way to have a overview of how everything works (but you learn much less than you think, because the only way to proper learn, is by practising).
When you start the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, you practice all the basic stuff (like the array thingy you mentioned). Sometimes you won’t understand things, in my case, I checked W3Schools. You can ask in the forum as well, if you are really stuck and don’t understand why the internet pages say.
The real practise comes when you start with the projects at the end of each module (there is 4 or 5). I have a vague memory of the use of an array to make the Random quote generator.
I still consider myself a beginner, I still check stuff in W3Schools, and ask people (in person, or in forums) for help.

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Thank you that will help me .

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