Is MongoDB in demand?

I know Mongoose/MongoDB (at an amateur level) but it seems NoSQL doesn’t get much love online. How does job demand for these compare to using an ORM with SQL these days?

NoSQL DBs normally have very specific usecases.

Relational DBs are used absolutely everywhere for almost any usecase you can dream up.

ipso facto, familiarity with an RDBMS (eg MySQL/Postgres/etc) & SQL is something that is more generally useful — you are almost guaranteed to be dealing closely with a relational DB at some point. Knowledge of Mongo can be very useful tho, don’t discount it by any means, it’s all good.

Would depend on where you are looking for a job, but generally relational dbs are more popular, especially with management since it makes more sense when they are looking at the data.

They aren’t mutually exclusive either, some companies will use both for different use cases.

Here’s some stats for jobs in the United States from Indeed listings:

  • Jobs with keyword “relational database” - 16,624
  • Jobs with keyword “MySQL” - 16,582
  • Jobs with keyword “MongoDB” - 8,245
  • Jobs with keyword “NoSQL database” - 6,888
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That is what I noticed as well. Do you have any idea how common SERN is (SQL instead of Mongo, but the rest of the stack the same) I am thinking of doing a project with Sequelize and Postgres if SERN is more popular these days

I would forget about MERN/SERN/SPERM/BLERM/insert other acronym you want to make up. Businesses/orgs don’t really work like that, technologies are normally picked individually, based on need. SERN isn’t really a thing. If you do a project using React + Express + a relational database via Sequelize, then that’s what you have some knowledge of, and that’s what you would put on a CV.

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Relational DBs are used absolutely everywhere for almost any usecase you can dream up.

Yeah, this. I have yet to see a job posting asking for MongoDB. Not saying they don’t exist, just that I haven’t ever come across one. But no reason not to learn it, it’s pretty simple, and you can create some neat projects.

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