Is normal to feel overwhelmed while studying JS?

HTML and CSS were pretty easy for me, but JS is the opposite . While trying to do the JS challenges on Freecodecamp , I felt overwhelmed and frustrated after unsuccessful attempts. I think I will take more than 300 hours to get my JavaScript Algorithm Data Structure certificate.


Yes. 100%. Absolutely. I highly doubt that anyone without coding experience is sailing through the JS sections.

JS is harder than HTML and CSS. It is a “real” programming language. Take your time, don’t be afraid to google, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


To add to this, don’t be afraid of things not working. The element that makes JavaScript more difficult than HTML and CSS, is both HTML and CSS require you to understand the syntax and how it works together to “do stuff”, JavaScript requires you understand the syntax and use that syntax to solve a problem.

Because of that, it will be harder to learn, and harder to use than HTML and CSS. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but it also does mean it will be more difficult. Even the best programmers get “stuck” and have issues, there’s a lot that can go wrong when programming. This can be while learning it, and while using it.

It will take some time to learn the syntax, and then more time to learn how to wield the syntax, and even then you still need to “solve the problem” with the language itself.

Keep learning it, keep struggling, keep learning, keep grinding :+1:


@Mikael3211 please read my reply from the following post: At what point do you stop overthinking the exercises ...arrg! - #2 by codewright


JavaScript is like a game, much you play with , better you become !
Ps:"it is a window console in your navigator that you can use to analyse and try your code ".

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It is normal to feel overwhelmed with ANY coding situation. What you have to do is just slow down and breathe. It is a learning experience. You start feeling overwhelmed and then the mistakes really start showing up. Don’t place so much pressure on yourself. It WILL come to you in time. Take it in line by line and concept by concept putting everything in it’s correct place. After a while, it will become second nature to you and you’ll be flying through the code like it was just an after thought and you’ve been doing it all your life.

Good Luck!


What works for me while I get used to the syntax is checking up on the values of variables, methods and structures using console.log(). In many places is the first command they teach, starting with variables is great for me, after all its what this is about, containing info… Trial and error is key to rule out all that can’t be done or that doesn’t make sense to the program… (Idk if this makes sense to anyone XD). I consider myself a slow learner, for a fact I’m a pretty slow reader, that’s why every once in a while I fall back and do something else while digesting the info to be able to come back with a fresh or different perspective, all of this will be put to use later on… It’s a great time to be, at least on this side of the world, my prayers to all the people in this and other communities contributing to build the world for a future, and to all those people that for some reason can’t get their hands on today’s technology, hope they’re shown the way. Hello world.

Yes, I agree with you. I’ve been watching many YouTube tutorials about JS, I want to learn and understand its properties.

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Yes. absolutely. FCC does not go into exhaustive detail about every little thing. FCC is a great path, but if you need to do little side quests to fill in holes, then do it. I just recommend staying on a path like FCC (or something like it) and keep on that path. But do little side research as needed - just don’t let it take you off the path.

And because it can’t be said enough, developers do this all the time. We can’t remember all of this stuff so we google things or refer to documentation several times a day.


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