Is possible to combine a developer job with a management degree?

Hi everyone,

I am Marco, I’m 24 years old and I live in Italy.
I took my Bachelor Degree in Management Engineering, where I started to code for the first time in my life during my last year of university.
I immediately understand that I loved coding. I don’t know why, but I appreciated so much the fact the my code could not function, and I liked spending my afternoon trying to understand how to fix the problem. Yes, sometimes I would like to throw my laptop out of the window but the satifisfaction at the end, when you see that your idea and your code function, it was priceless.

Meantime, I have finished my university with a MSc in Management and I always ask myself if there was the possibility to combine my passion in web development with a more managerial job.
I would like to begin my career with a technical job as web developer but I don’t know if an entire life spent in front of a computer, coding all day, could be the job of my life.

It’s also true that it’s not easy to find the “job of the life” but I’d like to know from people with more experience than me or from people who are already working in the sector, what are the possible career advancements that a person who start its career as web developer can do :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Lots of technical managers are former programmers. There are often leadership opportunities for current developers as well, depending on the company and the project management style.