Getting into Project Management

Hello, is there someone who is working like a project manager?

I am full stack web developer and im currently studying at university.
After a few years as web developer I figured out im not really into it. I would like to get a job in project management field. Is there some advice you could give me?



Hi @resetnakAlex welcome to the freeCodeCamp forums :smile:

I’m not a project manager, but ran into a few developers while at school who wanted to get into management. So I can offer some insight in what they told me.

The main thing they mentioned was getting a business degree along with either an IT, or CS degree was very common. MBA’s (masters in business administration) was seen as a “quick way to the top”. However, you could also leverage a larger companies need to “build management” from the workforce, so its possible you can get your employer to pay for a business degree, or similar and then advance thru the ranks to management. This generally works for everyone, permitting you like the company. This means management will be made up of people who “started from the bottom” rather than an outside hire.

Now if your want to be specifically a project manager, I personally say, focus primarily on software engineering related courses, since those are essentially what you’d be doing as a project manager. Knowing how to deal with requirements, and changes over time is a biggie.

Finally, if your working at a company, I’d look at internal resources to see if you can start taking steps to moving up the career ladder. Most larger companies will provide some kind of resources to those that want to manage, for the same reason’s I mentioned above.

Good luck and some of what I mentioned helps :smiley:

I guess the first thing you should do is to test for the PMP certificate (project management professional) , it is the most recognizable certification in the field of project management.

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