Is the server down I can't seem to save my progress?

I keep getting this message. “We cannot reach the server to update your progress.”

If you are unable to log in or keep getting “we cannot reach the server…” it may be that you have a duplicated account. To solve this issue you will need to write to

You can read more about the issue here

I only have one account, but will look in to it a bit more on your link

thank you for your response

a duplicated account happens when two accounts are created from the same email - the server then get confused because it finds two accounts with same email

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Another thing to try when you are having connection issues is to clear the freeCodeCamp data from your browser’s storage. Every now and then your local storage will get in a weird state. I think the team is still working to figure out what causes this and how to correct it.

Welcome, filmong.

Just to add this here for clarification, and for others:

We cannot reach the server to update your progress

This message gives no indication as to the status of the servers. It merely indicates that your connection to the internet is offline. This message is an interpretation of the browser telling you it cannot see the internet.

Hope this clarifies.